What Causes Warts and How to Get Rid of Them?

Although warts are fairly common, people who have them may feel self-conscious about having them. Warts usually appear in the form of raised rough bumps.

Although warts are fairly common, people who have them may feel self-conscious about having them. Warts usually appear in the form of raised rough bumps. Despite being fairly harmless, warts are skin infections that can spread easily on your body and to other peopleb as well. So, if one or two warts show up on your skin, it’s a good idea to try an over-the-counter wart removal treatment or visit a dermatologist before it can spread to other parts of your body or other people.

Here’s what to know about what causes warts and how to get rid of them.

What Causes Warts?

HPV is the primary culprit that causes warts. If you have a cut or cracks in your skin caused by dry skin, the HPV virus can enter via skin-to-skin or sexual contact with someone who has the virus, thus causing warts.

The Different Types of Warts

Warts can appear all over the body, and while they don’t usually cause discomfort, they can spread easily to different parts of your body and to other people as well.

There are five different types of warts:

1. Common warts
2. Plantar warts
3. Flat warts
4. Filiform warts
5. Genital warts

The Most Common Methods for Wart Removal

The good news is that there are many effective and easy ways to remove warts. You can treat some warts at home with over-the-counter products or visit a healthcare provider or dermatologist for wart removal.

This may include:

You can treat warts at home safely and effectively with OTC wart removal products if they are not growing on your face or genitals. This includes OTC products containing Salicylic acid, including:

· Sprays

· Ointments

· Liquids

· Pads

· Bandages

Professional Wart Removal

If your wart won’t go away with OTC treatments or if you have a wart on your face or genitals, you should seek the assistance of a healthcare provider or a dermatologist. There are several safe and effective methods for removing the different types of warts mentioned above.
1. Cryotherapy
2. Cantharidin
3. Electrosurgery
4. Curettage surgery

For the removal of common warts and removal of warts on the face, visit Village Pharmacy. We offer wart removal services in Greenwich and Woolidge.

For genital wart removal, a dermatologist may prescribe medications. The strongest wart remover medicines are:

5. Condylox
6. Zyclara and Aldara
7. Veregen

Wart Removal Services in Woolidge at Village Pharmacy

Wart removal is a quick and easy procedure and should get rid of embarrassing warts with just one treatment. Schedule your appointment with Village Pharmacy for convenient wart removal services in Woolidge and Greenwich.

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