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Online Repeat Prescriptions

If you have regular medication needs, you can use our repeat prescription collection service.

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Why should I use an online repeat prescription?

Maybe you keep running out of your regular medicines or worry about finding time to call into your local surgery. Don’t worry, we can help.

Your time is at a premium so going back and forth from your GP to the pharmacy can be a pain. Using the repeat prescription collection service is easy to do and hassle-free to use:

Easy Setup

Initial set up only needs to be done once

Skip the GP Visits

Skip the visits to your GP when you need medicine

Save Time

Saves travel costs and expenses to and from your GP

100% Free

This service is completely free and easy to use!

How to Setup Repeat Prescriptions

Pop into the pharmacy and ask our staff to register you for the repeat prescription collection service.

Then, we’ll liaise with your GP and collect your prescription on your behalf. This way we can receive and prepare your prescription automatically.

You can contact us for more details on our prescription collection service and check to see if this free service fits in with your lifestyle. This service is only available if you have regular medication. If you need a new prescription or need to change the medication you are using, you may still need to see your GP.

Drop into Hayshine Pharmacy and set-up your prescription collection service today!

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