Safe and Painless Methods for Skin Tags Removal

Safe and Painless Methods for Skin Tags Removal
Here are some of the safest methods for skin tag removal, including home remedies, OTC treatment, and skin tag removal procedures from a healthcare provider.

Skin tags are harmless skin growths that can pop up anywhere on your body. Although they don’t pose a health threat, they can be most bothersome for cosmetic reasons. However, if you have a skin tag that’s in a place where clothing or other objects might rub on it, this may irritate it and cause discomfort. If you have a skin tag that bothers you, Village Pharmacy offers professional skin tag removal services in Greenwich and Woolidge.

Here are some of the best and most effective options for skin tag removal, including at-home remedies, over-the-counter (OTC) medications, and simple skin tag removal procedures from a healthcare provider.

At-Home Skin Tag Solutions

Home remedies can be effective; however, they do take time. Home remedies take time to break down and dry out the skin tag tissue so the skin tag will fall off. It could possibly take a few weeks for this to happen, but if you want to avoid a medical procedure, it may not hurt to try one of these natural remedies.

Natural home remedies to remove skin tags:

  • Apply Tea Tree Oil daily to the skin tag and cover with a bandage until it dries out and falls off naturally.
  • Soak a cotton ball in Apple Cider Vinegar and secure it over the skin tag with a bandage. Leave for 15-30 minutes and then remove and wash the area. Repeat daily until the skin tag goes away.
  • When you apply liquid vitamin E (which is an antioxidant) to a skin tag, it may help the skin growth disappear within a few days.
Over-The-Counter Remedies (OTC)

If you’re not keen on waiting a few weeks for natural skin tag removal remedies to work, over-the-counter skin tag removers typically just take a few days to remove skin tags. These products contain ingredients that treat skin tags, so they quickly dry up and fall off.

The most common OTC skin tag removal products are:

  • Skin tag patches
  • Skin tag removal creams
  • Freezing Kits
  • Skin tag liquids
  • Skin tag ointments
Professional Skin Tag Removal

When you visit a professional healthcare provider, they can offer several options for removing skin tags. These methods remove skin tags immediately – with just one office visit.

Your healthcare provider can remove the skin tags by:

  • Excision (surgical removal)
  • Cauterization (burning it off)
  • Cryosurgery (freezing it off)

At Village Pharmacy, we offer professional skin tag removal services in Woolidge and Greenwich. If you’re bothered by a skin tag, request an appointment using our online booking system today!

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