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Your Pharmacist can now do so much more than In the past, certain prescription only medicines were only allowed to be prescribed by doctors. With PGDs, pharmacists can now supply a whole range of medicines, including Anti-Malarials to ensure you’re fully protected.

How do I take my Anti-Malarials?

It’s important you know the exact schedule for any anti-malarials you need to take prior to travelling


Lariam - Start 2-3 weeks before travel, throughout your stay in an endemic area and continue for four weeks after you return.

Cost £30-£60*


Start two days before travel, throughout your stay in endemic country or area and continue for four weeks after return.

Cost £25-£45*


Start two days before travel, throughout your stay in an endemic area and continue for one week after return.

Cost £50-£100*

*Average vaccine cost (supply dependent)

What is Malaria?

Malaria is a serious and sometimes fatal disease which is widespread in many tropical and subtropical countries. 

It is caught by being bitten by an infected mosquito that is carrying the malaria parasites in its saliva. The malaria parasite is a microscopic organism called a Plasmodium and it belongs to the group of tiny organisms known as protozoans. There are four types of plasmodium: P. falciparum (the most dangerous), P. vivax, P. ovale and P. malariae. The species of mosquito that carries the malaria parasites is the Anopheles mosquito.

Where is Malaria Found?

Malaria occurs in over 100 countries and more than 40% of the people in the world are at risk.

Large areas of Central and South America, Hispaniola (Haiti and the Dominican Republic), Africa, the Middle East, the Indian subcontinent, Southeast Asia, and Oceania are considered malaria-risk areas.

Malaria Cases in the UK
Every year approximately 1,800 British travellers returned home with malaria. The UK is one of the biggest importers of malaria into Europe.

Top Tips for Protecting Against Malaria

Take Your Pharmacies Advice

Take an anti-malarial advised by your Pharmacist

Clothing Adjustments

Wear light protective clothing and a malarial net during sleeping

Inspect Sprays

Insect repellent such as deet. No prophylaxis is 100% preventative

Malaria Tablets & Prices

Malaria Tablets

Price Per Tablet



Atovaquone 250mg/Proguanil 100mg


Malarone Paediatric






Malaria: Spot the Symptoms

Any traveller who becomes ill with a fever or flu like illness while travelling and up to one year after returning home should immediately seek professional medical care.

You should tell your GP that you have been travelling in a malaria-risk area. Malaria can be cured with prescription drugs, however, the damage caused can be with you for the rest of your life so protection is vital.

Common Symptoms of Malaria

Here are three symptoms to help recognise the disease

Fever & High Temperature

Flu Like Symptoms

Muscle Pain & Headaches

What Questions You'll Be Asked:

Your consultation with the pharmacist, before antimalarials can be supplied to you the pharmacist will need to ask you a few simple questions.

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