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Meningitis ACWY

The meningococcal disease often leads to meningitis and the two terms are often used interchangeably, The MenACWY vaccine is used as a travel vaccine for those visiting countries with a higher incidence of the disease

Common Locations
Where is This Virus Found?

Due to the mass gatherings to places such as Hajj and Umrah there are unique health risks associated with these visits. Early summer each year, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Ministry of Health issues the requirements and recommendations for entry visas required to visit pilgrims and seasonal workers who intend to visit KSA during Hajj and Umrah season.

Meningococcal ACWY vaccines are recommended or required for travel, once vaccinated Village will issue the Universally recognised ACWY vaccination certificate. The MenACWY vaccine is used as a travel vaccine for travellers attending the Hajj and those visiting countries with a higher incidence of meningococcal disease, such as parts of Africa and Latin America.

Common Symptoms of Meningitis

Here are three symptoms to help recognise the disease

Fever & High Temperature

Confusion & Blotchy Skin

Hard to Wake & Feeling Tired

Together, against Meningitis

Meningococcal B is another strain of bacteria that can cause Meningitis, it is not included in the MenACWY vaccine but has now been included in the National vaccination programme since late 2015, any children/adults born prior to 2015 may wish to include this vaccination, especially young adults as the Disease has been back on the rise from 2021.

“Fresher” students going to university for the first time should make sure they’ve had the MenACWY and MenB vaccine to prevent meningitis and septicaemia, which can be deadly.

Additional Information

Schedule 0 , No booster required HOWEVER current data suggests Vaccination lasts 5yrs

Meningitis is a broad term which can be caused by some viruses like Mumps (Given in MMR) but also unusually Pneumonia, HSV and enteroviruses

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